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Exporting payments

The export payments feature allows you to generate a CSV report for your transactions. You can access it by going to the Payments tab of your dashboard and clicking the Export Payments button as shown below:

You can then select the dates you want your report to include using the calendar picker and then generate a CSV report by clicking the Export button.

Once you've exported the file, you might be confused as to what the columns mean, here's a quick glossary of terms to help you out!

Available at - Date when the payment will be eligible/cleared for payout.
Paid at - When the customer paid for the transaction. Also known as Transaction Date.
Created at - When the payment link/payment intent/transaction was created.
Updated at  - The time when there are any status changes on the payment transaction (payment, adjustment, dispute, refunds).

Please take note that you can only accept payments via PayMongo once you have been activated.

After you have successfully submitted your request for account activation, it typically takes 7 business days for our onboarding team to review your application.

Our onboarding team will send you an email once your account has been approved or if they have any follow-up questions, such as missing documents or clarifications about your business.

A message from our Finance team

Please note that we follow the revenue recognition principle of accrual accounting where revenues are recognized on the income statement in the period when realized and earned—not necessarily when cash is received.Hence, our basis for ORs is the date payments were paid and processed, notwithstanding their payout date.

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