QR Ph payments via PayMongo

Enable cashless transfers via QR code across banks and eWallets.

Why go cashless with QR Ph?

Diversify payment options for your customers
Simplify the payment process with just one QR code.  Accept cashless payments from participating banks, e-wallets and more.
Save more with lower fees
PayMongo will charge a transaction fee of 1.37% or Php 15. (whichever is higher for each successful QR Ph payment)

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No transaction limits
With QR Ph, you can receive payments of any size without worrying about hitting a cap.

Make it easier for customers to pay with a wider range of payment options

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How to use QR Ph in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Customer opens their mobile banking/e-wallet app of choice.

A dashboard screen of PayMongo with business graphs and analytics data.

Step 2

Customer scans QR code generated upon checkout.

Note: Customers can also download the QR code and upload it on their bank or e-wallet app.

A help center screen with tabs where you can talk to real people through chat or email.

Step 3

A screen of sign up forms

QR Ph solutions

Online Solutions

Accept QR Ph payments through online checkout.

PayMongo QR

Coming Soon

Get a QR code for in-store payments.