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E-commerce development & enablement



Cloud Logic

We are an eCommerce solution company that focuses on promoting Internet Commerce across various industries. Our services begin from the strategic planning and development of end-to-end eCommerce to its marketing, data analytics, processing of orders, and order fulfillment. Founded in 2004, Cloud Logic currently serves over 400 brands.

Other Partners
IDEO Digital

IDEO is digital agency that specializes in media, creative and web and is a manage Google, Meta, & TikTok partner.

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Sytian Productions

Sytian Productions is a leading Web design company in Manila, Philippines. Sytian has more than 16 years of experience crafting beautiful and functional websites and has helped over 1400+ businesses achieve their business goals online

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appiGo Philippines is an online website builder that helps Philippines businesses to have their own branded online website with payment and delivery integrated.

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Utak POS

UTAK POS is one of Asia's leading Cloud POS + Inventory Solutions - helping business owners manage their real-time sales, inventory, employee attendance and much more - and all you need is a tablet and subscription!

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Upmesh helps grow businesses by making live selling easy! Our live commerce system captures comments and converts these into shopping carts for faster payment and delivery.

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Receive payments via PayMongo in your preferred e-commerce platform through the use of Shopify. This is a no-code solutions for you to accept payments quickly.

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