How to choose the right payment gateway for your Shopify store

Congratulations! You're taking the first step to starting your business online by opening your very own Shopify store. While there are many things to consider when starting an online business, one of the most crucial factors you need to pay attention to is how you can accept payments online.

Selecting a payment gateway plugin for Shopify can be a game changer in your customer’s shopping experience. It can be the make-or-break moment that determines whether they smoothly check out or abandon their carts at the last second. Opting for a solid payment gateway can streamline the process, making sure your customers stay satisfied from start to finish. A dependable payment gateway also helps you minimize the amount of work on your end by automating payments and reconciliation, giving you more time to focus on the other core aspects of your business.

Now that you recognize the importance of a quality payment gateway provider, let's explore some key considerations when selecting a payment gateway for your Shopify Philippines store. By taking a look at these criteria, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your  business needs and enhances your customers' overall shopping experience.

Customer Shopping Experience

Elevate your customer's shopping journey by opting for a payment gateway that contributes to a streamlined checkout experience. This not only enhances user satisfaction but also minimizes the chances of cart abandonment at the last minute.

A new offering from Shopify is the Express Cards via PayMongo. This new feature allows your business to provide a frictionless card payment experience as it eliminates the redirect and keeps buyers on your website. PayMongo is the first payment gateway to offer this feature in the market.

See it in action from your customers' POV:

Shopify payment integration

Simplify your processes by choosing a payment gateway that seamlessly integrates with your Shopify store. Look for solutions that are user-friendly, avoiding the complexities of coding or the need to hire an additional team. The smoother the integration, the more efficiently your online store can operate.

Wide range of payment options

Offering more payment options gives your business a competitive edge, reaching customers who may not use traditional payment methods. With Express Cards via PayMongo, your business can collect card payments straight from your Shopify store. You may also collect other payment methods such as GCash, Grabpay, and more using PayMongo's hosted checkout.

Transaction fees

Being aware of the transaction fees of your payment gateway provider is crucial, as this directly affects your profit margins and how you price your products. A good consideration to make is how much your transaction fees would cost on a monthly basis and compare them across different providers to ensure you're getting the best value. Make sure to check for any additional fees that may be charged to you for the service.

Fraud and risk tools

To protect your business from possible fraud risks, having a payment gateway with strong security and built-in fraud-detecting tools would greatly benefit your business and enhance your customer’s experience.

And there you have it! You can use these criteria to help you build your business for success. If you're looking for a safe and secure payment gateway provider, be sure to check out Express Cards via PayMongo.

PayMongo is a Shopify partner in the Philippines that helps businesses accept online payments with ease. Learn more PayMongo e-commerce plugins here.

Published date:
November 14, 2023
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