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Frequently Asked Questions

If I am eligible to accept GCash payments, am I also eligible to accept GCredit payments?

It depends on your business type. GCredit eligibility is subject to a separate review by GCash. The following businesses cannot accept GCredit payments:

1. Merchants selling transferrable vouchers or digital goods (load and e-coupons included)
2. E-wallet top-up or cash-in platforms
3. NGOs or donation platforms
4. Loyalty and rewards programs
5. Deal sites (businesses that sell vouchers, gift cards and e-Coupon purchases)
6. Loans or credit card payment
7. Government organizations accepting contributions
8. Travel and tour agencies
9. Direct marketing services (travel-related arrangement services, outbound and inbound telemarketing)
10. Gambling and betting services, lottery ticket sellers, casinos, off-track betting and wagers
11. Cigar stores and stands
12. Dating services
13. Non-financial institutions (foreign currency, non-fiat currency (cryptocurrency), account funding, traveler cheques and debt repayment)
14. Wire or money transfers and money orders

If a customer pays using GCredit, how will it affect my payout?

Payments made via GCredit will be processed and settled similar to payments made via GCash. The timing of customers settling their GCredit dues will not affect your payout schedules.

Can PayMongo issue payouts to GCash?

No, payouts can only be issued to bank accounts for now. Thus, it is necessary to submit your bank account details to have your PayMongo account activated!

Our payout schedule will be every Wednesday for the transactions eligible for payout from the previous Wednesday 12:00 AM to Tuesday 5PM.

The reflection of the payment into your bank account will depend on the schedule of your receiving bank. This usually reflects within the day.

The payouts sent to your bank account are done by our team and free of charge.

Take note: If the payout date is scheduled on a holiday, then the amount will be transferred on the next business day.