Top 8 reasons to join the Philippine Startup Week

Nikko Dizon

When PayMongo was starting out, we’d always join startup meetups and events. That was how we met a lot of our current partners and merchants. We valued the experience of being immersed in the local startup community, introducing ourselves to fellow entrepreneurs and yes, dreamers. More than thinking of it as networking, we considered it as taking an active part in a community of like-minded people who will help us grow and reach our goals.

Here are eight reasons why you should participate in the Philippine Startup Week:

1. Meet The One

By this we mean potential investors, partners, and clients. With over 5,000 participants in this first ever gathering of Filipino startups, you will be interacting with a number of companies and individuals. This is your chance to get to know them better. You’ll meet those who you’ll want to work with and find success together.

2. Be inspired

The country’s top 100 startups will all be here. They will be talking about their products and services and most importantly, share their unique, personal startup journeys. It’s going to be a good time to learn, and did we say, be inspired?

3. Meet people from the local startup community

Physical distancing and quarantines notwithstanding, we can make new friends in our startup community. Take it from us: It’s nice and helpful to talk to people with whom we have things in common. Over Zoom calls or e-numans, we can seek advice, share our small victories or frustrations, or just update each other about our products and companies.

4. Support local products and Filipino entrepreneurship

Anu’t anupaman, tayo- tayo ang magtutulungan.

5. It’s entirely online so you can participate from the comfort of your home!

6. Persuade government to continue supporting startups

This event is supported by the DTI, DOST, and DICT. It’s our chance to send government this warm message: local startups need its unwavering support for the industry to grow.

7. Meet PayMongo CEO, Francis Plaza

Francis is a US-educated engineer and entrepreneur who’s been through trying, failing, and never giving up on developing start-up ideas. He will tell you, it was a long road to PayMongo. Francis will share his learning experience in his keynote “How to build the future” where he will talk about how we can, as a community, further foster entrepreneurship in the Philippines, his views on what we should work on and insights from his learnings in building PayMongo. Catch him on November 25 (Wednesday), at 2PM!

8. It’s FREE!

Yup, all of these benefits for no cost at all. All you have to do is visit the Philippine Startup Week website and sign up now!

Published date:
April 20, 2021
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