PayMongo celebrates the working mom this Mother's Day with Bamberry Baby and Olives PH

Mother's Day is a special occasion to honor and appreciate the incredible women who have shaped our lives. This year, we’re shining a spotlight on some remarkable mothers who not only manage the responsibilities of motherhood, but also juggle the demands of running their own businesses.

We're grateful to have been able to talk with our very own PayMongo merchants who embody the title of "supermom": Johanna Ty Tan and Monica Juan of Bamberry Baby, and Mae Villaluz of Olives PH. Join us as we celebrate the superpowers of these inspiring women who make a difference in the world of parenting.

Birthing a Business

For Johanna and Monica, they saw an untapped market in baby clothing. "Pre-pandemic, we saw an opportunity to carry baby clothes since the retail industry for kids and babies had a limited selection back then. As a first time mom (Johanna) and someone who has a lot of creative ideas (Monica), we thought of creating pieces that both mommies and babies can enjoy."

For Mae, building her business came from a more personal place, "[I was inspired by] my dad. He is a hardworking businessman and I've looked up to him since I was young."

Every business has its birthing pains, and even the best entrepreneur can have difficulty managing a burgeoning business. Which is why it's a testament to the exceptional multitasking abilities possessed by our merchants, who've managed to surpass the challenges that come their way.

Bamberry Baby initially faced a tedious and time-consuming payment verification process, as they would have to share their bank details to customers and reconcile all payments manually. Integrating PayMongo to their website proved to significantly lessen the burden.

"When we started with PayMongo, it really helped us manage time more efficiently and focus on bigger things such as strategizing for our brand and focusing on our customer service."

This also gave Johanna more time to juggle her duties as a mom and an entrepreneur. "As a mother of a 4-year-old boy and a month-old baby girl, I manage my full-time work and meet the demands of my kids by doing these while they are asleep or in school."

She continues, "Working on a brand or business that is related to my passion has helped me a lot. The vision I have for my brand was inspired by the experiences I have with my kids. For example, my son has eczema and sweats a lot so I let him try our bamboo pajamas which really helps him. Upon anticipating my second journey with my daughter, we also created designs that are dainty enough for baby girls to match with their mommies."

It's the same sentiment for Mae of Olives PH, "My main priority is my family. Doing business makes me happy and gives me sense of achievement. So I work at night when my daughter is asleep or during her online class. It’s tiring but fulfilling."

Finding Time to Be A Mom

It can be easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of being a business owner and a mom, but these two share their own respective brands of wisdom when it comes to keeping a business running:

"Find your passion and line of work first before pursuing it so you won't give up easily when hurdles come your way. With this, you also realize the little successes you get to enjoy along the way, making it much more fulfilling once you get there." Johanna shares.

Mae acknowledges the importance of having a support system: "Start small and keep trying. Don’t be discouraged if it fails as you will always learn something from it. Most importantly, pray to God for guidance and do not hesitate to ask support from your husband or family."

And while they understand the importance of work, sometimes the best fulfillment can come from finding time for family and rest this Mother's Day. For Mae, it's dinner out with family and friends, followed by a good massage. For Johanna and Monica, it's a spa date for two to take time out from work and kids.

In line with Mother's Day, what is a better gift for your mom on Mother's Day than items from a business whose owners are the target market? We asked Bamberry Baby and Olives PH what they think every mom should own, and they've graciously provided us with some great Mother's Day finds that every mom in your life should own.

Johanna and Monica's Bamberry Baby Picks:

1. Footed Romper with Built-In Mittens and Feet (Socks Option)

The best sleep attire for your baby. Helps the baby sleep longer because of the bamboo's thermoregulating properties. Get it here


 2. Mommy Robe

Perfectly matches what the baby is wearing. Easy to use for breastfeeding moms and is very convenient during postpartum because of the soft fabric. Get it here

3. Bamboo Stretch Swaddle

Can you say all-purpose? Use it as a swaddle and a blanket until the toddler years. It's double layered and can serve in multiple ways - as crib sheet, stroller cover, etc. Get it here

All of these can be availed in a bundle for baby showers or for gifts for every mom and baby!

Check out the snuggle box set here

Mae's Olives PH Picks:

1. Premium Thermal Underwear

Thermal under clothing so you're ready to travel to different countries during the winter season! Also available for older kids and adults. Get it here

2. Top & Bottom Sets

Presko ternos for both babies and adults, perfect for our hot weather! Get it here

3. Underwear

Cute prints and different patterns for all ages! Get it here

As Mother's Day approaches, it's essential to celebrate and honor the incredible efforts and achievements of working moms like Johanna and Mae. These superwomen are proof that with dedication, passion, and a little creativity, it's possible to build successful businesses while raising a family. So let's give a special shout-out to these extraordinary moms and give them the praise they rightfully deserve this Mother's Day.

Published date:
May 10, 2023
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