Advance Payout

Cash flow when your business needs it

Do you need to buy materials and inventory? Additional cash for a marketing campaign? Have other business expenses?

With Advance Payout, receive cash in your PayMongo-registered bank account. Reinvest it in your business. Then pay it back with your future sales.

How it works

Choose an Advance Payout offer sent to your e-mail. The offered amounts are based on your transaction history with us.
The Advance Payout will be disbursed to your registered bank account with us. Just like our usual payouts.
Repayments come from a percentage of your daily customer transactions through the PayMongo platform. They are automatically calculated and applied to your future payouts.

Advance Payout is a new service
we're trying with select merchants

We have partnered with 4Gives, a licensed lending company, to pilot this product with select merchants

Advance Payout FAQs

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How do you determine who qualifies for an offer?
How does repayment work?
What are the fees involved?
Can I request a different offer amount?
When do I need to repay the convenience fee?
After I accept an offer, how quickly will I get my funds?
What happens when my offer expires?
Am I eligible for a new offer while I’m repaying
down an existing advance payout?
Can I pay down my advance payout early?
Will paying down my advance payout early
qualify me for a new offer?
What happens if my sales slow down?
What is a minimum repayment?
How do I make my minimum repayment?
What happens if I can’t make a minimum repayment on time?
Can I get ahead on my minimum repayment schedule?