We’re making a list, and checking it twice!

Because we want to make sure you know how much we appreciate you and how far you’ve come.
2022 gave us some unexpected twists and turns.

A year of new-found focus, a year that tested our strength, and a year that gave us interesting surprises!

Thank you for being with us through it all.

Your commitment to grow with PayMongo drove profound results for countless Filipino businesses and customers.

As we bid 2022 adieu,

Let’s take a moment to reflect
on the milestones we achieved together

in the last 12 months.

This year

PayMongo went beyond payments

and paid it forward with our programs and partnerships:

Merchant education: DTI Business Registration

PayMongo at the Philippine Fintech Festival

Aton Ini: The best of Samar’s startups and entrepreneurs

Inflection Point: Cebu

Because you spoke up, we listened.

We make sure our merchants have the tools they need to succeed. We grow as you grow.

Based on your suggestions, needs, and feedback, here are our 2022 product releases:

We heard your stories

2022 was a challenge, but you overcame every hurdle that came your way. Here are some merchants who have inspired us over the past year.

We've made new friends to help you grow

Over the past year, we've gotten in touch with more partners and brands to give you and your customers the easiest online payment experience.
And boy, did you grow!


more sales

per merchant on average

Events, Lodging, and Travel
Educational and online learning services
Fashion and clothing
Pet services


Payments made through credit and debit cards make up more than half of total sales.

And in turn, we got to branch out, too!

Equipping Filipino businesses for the emerging Internet economy
BSP authorizes PayMongo to operate as an EMI
Online payments company PayMongo raises $31M in Series B funding
Fintech PayMongo Weans Philippines Shops Off Cash By Simplifying Digital Payments
Thank you for growing with us!